somatic_psychotherapyThe word ‘Soma’ can be translated as ‘the lived body’ in other words it relates to our conscious, personal, ‘felt’ experience of living in our body. Somatic psychotherapy uses various approaches to help support that conscious, physical connection so that we can become more aware of the links between our thoughts, feelings and bodily experiences. It is based on the understanding that we are physically embodied beings, though frequently discouraged from recognising and appreciating our physicality, conscious connection is fundamental to our well being and sense of wholeness and aliveness.

Somatic practitioners are able to help you to tap into the wealth of support and information which your body holds. They can help you to notice and unfold the ways in which your body is communicating. This can support release of stress, tension and trauma held from past experiences and it can also help with moving into a more grounded and connected relationship with yourself in the present moment. It can provide support with any predicament ranging from anxiety and depression to bereavement and relationship difficulties. It can be very effective for anyone struggling with ‘over thinking’ who is looking to feel more grounded and connected in themselves.

Some practitioners, with your consent, might use touch in order to help you to connect physically and to help you to follow what is happening in your body. Others will simply listen, observe and support you to identify and connect with what is happening for you. All Somatic Psychotherapy work should follow your own self directed process and feel appropriate and supportive.

Written by Cath Norris 

Cath Norris Counselling