eclectic_therapyEclectic Therapy is an integrative and open therapeutic approach. It represents a middle path between a therapist using skills and professional experience to support individuals with emotional distress and adapting these skills to the lived experiences of different people. In other words, an Eclectic therapist will quickly determine the best combination of proven therapeutic methods to help and support you and then customise these skills according to your unique needs, experiences and memories.

By using a more flexible approach rather than a more structured and pre-determined one, Eclectic therapy is perhaps less restricted than other approaches; working with past experiences and trauma as well as problems in the here and now by using specific information provided by you, as well as a range of non-verbal cues that you may be completely unaware of communicating.

Eclectic Counselling and Psychotherapy may involve empathy, reassurance, reference to family dynamics, Socratic questioning, learnt behaviour patterns, work with strategies, goals, provide information and feedback, or simply reflect meaning and perspective back to you depending on the situation(s) you have brought to therapy and your current mindset and expectations.

In all cases however, Eclectic therapy recognises that individuals will often respond to similar life experiences in totally different ways and as such, represents a more non-prescriptive route towards emotional health and healing through the power of a strong and enduring therapeutic relationship.


Written By Mari Bezer

N E Essex Psychologies (Counselling and Mental Health)